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What is the part number for a CT shorting terminal block?

What is the part number for a CT shorting terminal block?

Product Line
Power Meter Accessories

All meter applications with current over 5 Amps which require Current Transformers.

Information needed on shorting terminal blocks


For a 4-pole shorting block it is 3090TB4 and for the 6-pole it is 3090TB6

UPDATE Year 2014
Going forward any 3090TB4 or 3090TB6 Shorting Terminal Block ordered will be Cooper Bussmann branded and not Marathon branded.
3090TB6 = Cooper Bussman model KUXSC6S2644
3090TB4 = Cooper Bussman model KUXSC4S2644
*Cutsheet attached below*

The shorting screws for the 3090TB4 and 3090TB6 CT shorting blocks can be purchased from "Marathon Special PRODUCTS"
The part number for the shorting screws is "9616901". Both the 4-pole and 6-pole CT shorting blocks require a quantity of 4 of the provided screws part number.

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