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PME 7.2.X Web Application Reports error: "An error occurred while processing the report parameters. Please see your system administrator."

The message "An error occurred while processing the report parameters. Please see your system administrator" appears while viewing a report for Power Monitoring Expert 7.2.X in Internet Explorer 11 Default mode.

The user is running web application with Internet Explorer 11 in Default mode therefore runs into Reports error.
While in Default mode:

  • Dashboards, Diagrams, Tables, Alarms render properly
  • Initially, Reports appear to render properly:
  • ​Once the user tries to run a report, the error occurs:

Product Line
Power Monitoring Expert 7.2 / 7.2.1 / 7.2.2

Web Application Reports in Internet Explorer 11

Internet Explorer 11 is not supported in PME 7.2.X.

This is a workaround resolution in order to use Internet Explorer 11 with PME 7.2.X:
Setup Internet Explorer 11 compatibility mode
1. Hit [ALT] key in order to bring up the menu.
2. Click on tools to bring up the menu containing the Compatibility View Settings.
3. Add the web address of your PME server to the Compatibility View list.
4. Hit the Close Button and the site will reload.
5. Log in to the Web application site. All functionality in the site should work.

Report window may appear very small and one cannot drag it wider when viewing Reports in Internet Explorer 11 as shown below:

Refer to article FA249014 for Resolution.

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