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Sepam 2000 - are new replacement boards or cards (e.g., ESTOR) backwards-compatible with very old relays?

The first generation of Sepam 2000 relays was launched around June 1993.  From the initial launch until the end of development around the year 2001, many hardware and firmware improvements were made to the product.  As a result, the appearance of some of the replacement parts such as the ESTOR and ESB cards has changed significantly since the initial release of the product.

For installations where some of the earlier revisions of the Sepam 2000 are still in service, some users who have ordered replacement or spare parts may have questions regarding the compatibility of newer parts with older relays.  This FAQ gives some information related to this topic along with some sample images of older and newer boards for the Sepam 2000.

The image below shows an ESTOR (input / output) card from a Sepam which was delivered around 1996.

The next image shows a newer ESTOR card that was ordered as a spare part around the year 2008, but appears to have been manufactured in the year 2005.  Notice the appearance of the board is quite different compared to the older version.


As confirmed by the Product Management team responsible for the Sepam 2000 relay, all new replacement boards ordered after the "end-of-life" announcement for Sepam 2000 (which occurred around 2005) should be compatible with all older relays.  Delivery of spare parts for Sepam 2000 relays should be discontinued around the end of 2015.  We encourage all users of Sepam 2000 relays to speak with their local Schneider Electric contact to make plans to replace their existing relays with the current Sepam range.