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How to replace an IFM TRV00210/STRV00210 by an IFM LV434000?

The IFM was updated with several improvements and changes in the design. The firmware in both units is backwards compatible with existing installations.  In addition, the new module, LV434000, is future ready as it is designed to work with the Masterpact MTZ. See detailed differences in FAQ FA321260.
Mainly impact for substitution is the Modbus connector (5-pin connector on TRV00210/STRV00210 and RJ45 for new reference LV434000)
You can then use the following accessories to operate substitution:
  • VW3A8306D30: Cables: Rj45-open
  • VW3A8306TF03 or VW3A8306TF10: T connector 3 or 10 meters
  • VW3A8306RC: Modbus line Terminator
See examples for the following cases:
CentralizedWith IFEUse Case B1Use Case B4
 Without IFEUse Case B2Use Case B5
Distributed Use Case B3Use Case B6