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Velkommen til nettstedet til Schneider Electric

Velkommen til nettstedet vårt.

Sedna, switches for your home

Sedna switches and sockets, with modern lines and subtle aesthetics, will add the final touch to your interior.

Find the perfect frame

Choose between the simplicity of Sedna Design or stylish impressions of Sedna Elements.

Select your finishings

Customize your creation by changing the color of the mechanism and frame material.

Opt for the right function

From lighting to multimedia, Sedna's wide range of functions will meet all project's needs.

Dimmers and thermostats

Choose between Sedna's simple pushbuttons, rotary dimmer switches or thermostats, designed for all types of lighting, or heating systems.

USB chargers and multimedia functions

Choose Sedna's integrated USB chargers, and discover our residential connections: RJ45 jacks, or HDMI jacks for HDTV and AV equipment.

Wiser & Sedna – a winning duo

Simple to configure and easy to use, Sedna and Wiser are a great combination for the comfort and convenience in your smart home. With Wiser, you can easily control the lighting and roller shutters in your interior via smartphone app.

Sedna’s unique features

Sedna reduces settling of dust

The cover frame edges are rounded, curving around toward the wall, while the glossy materials were chosen for both their good looks and low dust deposition.

Sedna prevents accidental contact

Sedna socket-outlets feature integrated shutters that protect against accidental contact and the ingress of foreign objects.

Universal cover frame

• Fully symmetrical for horizontal and vertical installation;
• 1 to 5 gangs;
• All Sedna design frames can be equipped with a membrane for IP44 installations.

Interlocking mounting frame

• Two notches on each side of the mounting frame make it easy to align multiple devices;
• Screw slots allow rotation of the insert in either direction, to compensate for wall boxes that have been misaligned.

Perfect alignment

• 8 mounting points for a strong and reliable fixing of inserts and frames;
• Wall compensation – the cover frames sit flush against the wall, even when the wall box does not.
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Want to know more about Sedna?

Find out more about our installation tips, commercial references, and product details.

Switches mounted in wall

Experience full range of Sedna

Explore the complete line of Sedna products and choose the style that best complements your home.

Double insert (switch & socket outlet)

Motion sensor 160°-10 A relay

Universal rotary dimmer

Surface mounting boxes

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