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Event Key Takeaways

Thanks to all who attended the seminar! Here’s what the audience thought were key takeaways from this event!

Event Highlights

Watch what happened at Innovation Talk: SME Go Automation on 21 August 2019 in our event highlights video









SME Jumpstart Automation Package

During the seminar, we launched the SME Jumpstart Automation Package that comes with a wide range of applications, from providing tool change instructions at a manufacturing line to obtaining live alarms and data from process and machines.

Mr. Bob Gill, General Manager, Southeast Asia ARC Advisory Group

Bob joined ARC Advisory Group in 2014 after a decade-long career in industrial technology media.
In his role as a General Manager, he is responsible for managing ARC's business operations and market research activities in Southeast Asia.

Bob is also equipped with over 25 years of general management successes supported by extensive experience in manufacturing, strategic sourcing, outsourcing, operations, procurement, supply chain optimization, risk management, and client relationship management.

Mr Lim Soon Huat, General Manager at Sanwa Plastic Industry Pte Ltd

Mr. Lim Soon Huat is the General Manager at Sanwa Plastic Industry with over 29 years of general management experience. He oversees the manufacturing processes in the company, ensuring overall productivity and efficiency.

While implementing automation in Sanwa’s manufacturing plants, Soon Huat started with smaller projects before upgrading to a higher level of automation eventually.

Mr. Poh Leng Yee, VP Digitalisation at iPlast 4.0

Mr. Poh Leng Yee is the Vice President of Digitalisation at iPlast 4.0. He currently works in researching innovative technologies and training solutions that will prepare the plastics industry for the next wave of digitalised smart manufacturing.

Previously, Leng Yee co-founded a start-up providing cloud marketplaces for the global plastics industry. He successfully Introduced automation to every aspect of the manufacturing operations, resulting in significant business growth and improved efficiencies.

Ms. Fong Li Fen, Director, ServoConnect Asia Pte Ltd

Ms. Fong Li Fen is the director at ServoConnect Asia with over 14 years of experience in sales management dealing with both local and international businesses.

She is also a consultant supporting SMEs on their automation process. Li Fen provides initial consultations, products specifications, system configurations and product recommendations to firms ensuring a smooth transition in their automation journey.

Dr. Antonio Feraco, Vice President Digital Services, TÜV SÜD

Antonio is the Vice President of Digital Service at TÜV SÜD. In this role, he supports manufacturing companies through their digital transformation towards proper implementation of Industry 4.0 and the adoption of IOT concepts and technologies.

Previously, he was Head of Business Development at Fraunhofer Singapore where he elaborated business development plans, design and implement processes to support business growth, through customer and market definition.

Mr. Desmond Tan, Deputy Director (Continuing Education) and Centre Director (Additive Manufacturing Innovation Centre), Nanyang Polytechnic

Mr. Desmond Tan is the Deputy Director (Continuing Education) and Centre Director (Additive Manufacturing Innovation Centre) at the School of Engineering, Nanyang Polytechnic. Desmond has many years of industry experience and over 20 years of Pre-Employment Training (PET) and Continuing Education and Training (CET) experience in preparing and upskilling manpower for the industry.

As Deputy Director and Centre Director, he oversees Continuing Education/Adult Education and training, covering Specialist Diplomas, Diplomas and SkillsFuture Series courses, as well as operations of the Additive Manufacturing Innovation Centre in co-creating solutions with the industry

Schneider Electric Launches Jumpstart Automation Package for SMEs

Solutions in the package help Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) improve overall machine efficiency by reducing machine downtime, providing faster troubleshooting, and improving worker competency and efficiency.

Here are 5 popular questions from the Q&A session:

  • The process can be broken down into 3 phases – Implementation, Improvement and Adaptation

    a) Implementation: After the decision to implement a digital solution, there are several factors affect the time of completion. For example, the company’s resources available, how the company chooses to allocate their internal resources to explore each digitisation process

    b) Improvement: After implementation, time is required to to evaluate the usefulness and effectiveness of digitalization efforts. New needs will be discovered along the way which need modifications and improvements to existing solutions to address them.

    c) Adaptation: Successful projects will be replicated to other sites and adapted accordingly. Adaptation process is much faster, usually at half the time or less required.
  • Proper training and onboarding is important. Through experiential training, the operators will be able to understand and realise how digital tools simplify work steps, allowing them to get their job done more efficiency.
    Adoption of digital tools will not be a problem once your operators experiences the benefits of it.
  • To undergo industry 4.0, it is not required for all machines to be replaced. The journey to digitalization should be done in phases, with considerations on your business need and application. If your current business requirement is to monitor and identify areas where your processes can be streamlined, then some small sensors, devices and simple integration are enough to kick start your journey to industry 4.0.
    After taking the first step, you will be able to determine new business needs or areas for improvement, which will bring your business towards digital revolution
  • Technologies are become more intuitive, easier to pick up. For example, how long did you take to learn to use your smartphone?
    Of course, training is still required when digital tools are implemented but it is not hard to pick up.
    In addition, as the generation entering the workforce are technology natives, they would expect digital tool and information to in their work.
  • With the growth of digitalization, IIOT, the cybersecurity landscape is evolving more rapidly than ever before, and the threats to businesses’ critical information and assets—as well as to their bottom lines—are only increasing.
    Breaches continue to grow in scale and sophistication, regulators are crowding the field with an expanding and shifting array of requirements and de facto standards, and litigation remains perilous.

    Now, more than ever, businesses must think strategically about the cyber threats they face — whether to consumer or employee information, intellectual property or product safety—and take practical steps to address the associated legal, business and reputational risks.

    Schneider Electric is a leader in helping businesses manage cybersecurity risks. Our commitment extends through our internal processes for product development, the partners we work with, and the services we deliver to provide cybersecurity solutions. We understand that cybersecurity protection is an ongoing effort involving people, processes and technology. Cybersecurity is a key element of our EcoStruxure architecture from connected products, through edge control systems and in the Applications, Analytics and services that deliver innovation at every level.
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