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    Power Manager for SmartStruxure™

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Power consumption generates one of your largest building expenses, and is under increasingly rigorous regulations. Yet many companies have little to no visibility into their electrical network.  Now you can monitor, measure and optimize your building’s non-critical power in the same way as your HVAC, lighting and fire safety with Power Manager for SmartStruxure solution. Gain more actionable insights to improve building performance throughout its life cycle.
  • Solution

    Power Manager for SmartStruxure solution is a power management module fully embedded to become part of the SmartStruxure solution building management system. It is designed to help facility and building operators improve building energy performance, optimize maintenance staff effectiveness, and leverage fault diagnostics to prevent downtime and maintain power availability – all from a convenient single system.


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    Ensure electrical network health
    • Monitor electrical equipment and key capital assets
    • Improve response time to power related issues
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    Increase awareness of power quality
    • Understand power factor, harmonics and voltage disturbances
    • Detect faults and diagnose key electrical problems
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    Improve energy usage accountability
    • Track energy consumption and allocate costs
    • Achieve energy conservation objectives