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Local sustainability initiatives

Empowering local action

Mobilising individual energy for good

Created in 2012, our VolunteerIn programme inspires people to give back to communities through mentoring, training and contribution to sustainability initiatives from local partners. By supporting them, we amplify the power of responsible citizenship and sustainable community.
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Local sustainability initiatives

Illuminated Residential Buildings Against Sky At Night

Safe electrical household installations in Brazil

Retrofitting and improving electricity in households to support vulnerable communities.

Two young Japanese business women discussing with each other

Train partners, customers, and students in China

Offering trainings in energy management and sustainability to 85,000+ people.

Girls in school learning engineering

Upscale education in Northeast Africa and Levant

Empower youths and women in energy management and sustainability through technical and vocational trainings.

A female adult is volunteering for neighbourhood recycling programme

Circularity training and awareness in Malaysia

Provide employees with training to reduce waste and contribute to zero waste practices in their ecosystem.

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Mentoring students in Anglophone Africa and Islands

Provide a mentorship programme for students focused on leadership skills, in partnership with an NGO.

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Maximise circular strategies in France

Develop an end-to-end circular approach, leading to helping customers reduce their carbon footprint.
environment Earth Day In the hands of trees growing seedlings

Sustainability awareness and action in Slovakia

Raise awareness among employees on sustainability and environmental-related topics along local initiatives.
father with son controlling kitchen lamp via tablet computer

Sustainable and resilient housing solutions in Canada

Offering resilient and sustainable energy solutions and expertise to support sustainable housing initiatives.
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Advocate for women in industry in Germany

Leverage "Girls Tech Day" to empower young women in technical professions and technology.
Electrician standing in solar Power plant

Upskilling factory workers in Thailand

Factory workers are empowered to understand the environmental impact of their actions and make sustainable choices.

Our Local commitments contribute to UN SDGs

In line with our purpose to bridge progress and sustainability, our sustainability initiatives support the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

More on our local commitment

Schneider Electric Foundation

How we fuel youth with the energy through our active volunteering and local partners’ network.

Sustainability reports

Access Schneider Sustainability impact results and reports, all in one place.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

More on our culture, values and policies for quality diversity and inclusion in the workplace

How can local sustainability initiatives create a positive impact on the local environment? 

Schneider Electric leads the way to empower local communities by promoting local sustainability initiatives and enabling partners to accelerate decarbonisation goals locally through digital transformation and training. As the world’s most sustainable corporation and a leader in the digital transformation of energy management and automation, Schneider Electric is committed to engaging with country-based sustainability initiatives to amplify our local impact and the power of a sustainable community. Explore our Local Commitments that focus on sustainability initiatives for the environment, carbon neutrality, and inclusion at the local level. Discover our VolunteerIn platform that mobilises active volunteering and participation in civic engagement, strengthening social inclusion and deepening solidarity with initiatives taken up by local partners. We help our local partners find renewable and innovative solutions, including solar solutions for reduced carbon emissions, access to clean resources, fast-tracking e-mobility, and online marketing opportunities for electrical products. We also dedicate resources to provide energy efficiency training for local students and promote circularity, women empowerment, and equality for sustainable development at the local level. Discover our unique multi-hub set-up that decentralises decision-making to benefit the local environment and does not pin talent to locations by functions. This model helps you explore global openings and trains you to work with different cultures and time zones, promoting diversity and equity. Schneider Electric, the most local of the global companies, aims to leverage diversity and innovation to promote local sustainability initiatives, enabling individuals and partners to make sustainability a reality for all.