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Can an I Line HCN Panel, with 400A vertically mounted ``LAP- - -MB`` Main breaker, be converted from bottom to top feed?

Published date: 08 June 2020

Can an I Line HCN Panel,  with 400A vertically mounted ``LAP- - -MB`` Main breaker,  be converted from bottom to top feed?

Product Line:
I Line Panelboard

Installation / Application


Yes, the interior can be converted to top feed by following the steps below:

1. Remove main circuit breaker line and load side lug cover plates.

2. Remove the main breaker bus connector bolts at the main breaker only.

3. Loosen and remove the (4) main breaker mounting screws and remove the main breaker.

4. Remove the lugs from the circuit breaker (OFF-END) and re-install lugs on the opposite end (ON-END) of the breaker. For an LAP breaker, tighten lug mounting bolts to 300 IN lbs.

5. Re-install circuit breaker as a top-feed main by reversing the sequence used to remove the bottom-feed main. Tighten LAP connector bolts to 180 IN lbs.

6. In some cases, the main breaker cover plate (part of the interior deadfront assembly) must also be rotated 180 degrees to achieve proper orientation of deadfront labels.


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