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Where can one go to obtain the peak energization inrush of a Square D low voltage dry type distribution transformer? When does the peak energization inrush occur and how long does it take before it settles down to the normal energization current?

Published date: 09 June 2020

Product Characteristics

Product Line:
Low Voltage Dry Tpe Transformers

UL 1561, NEMA ST-20, U. S. Fed Govt DoE 10 CFR 431

Inrush information is useful when decision-making for overcurrent protection.


Since transformer inrush is design specific, the only place to request this data is from Product Marketing/Support.

Peak transformer inrush occurs in the first half-cycle of the applied sine wave, and reduces to the normal energization current within the first 6 cycles, or about one tenth of one second.


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