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How can residual voltage or leakage current be eliminated from the circuit of an illuminated pilot device with an LED light module?

Eliminate residual voltage of an illuminated pilot device with an LED

Product Line:
30mm Push Buttons

Type K, SK Standard LED Light Modules

LED is light up when light is turned off, explain how to eliminate false illumination.

Adding resistance to the circuit is recommended to eliminate residual voltage of a magnitude great enough to cause the LED in the light module to illuminate. We cannot make a recommendation on what specific ohmic value resisitor will be needed; instead, we suggest using a potentiometer in the circuit. With a potentiometer, the resistance can be increased gradually until the desired resistance is reached which keeps the LED from illuminating at the wrong time. The final ohmic value can then be read from the potentiometer, and the potentiometer can be replaced in the circuit with a resistor.

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