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What is the separate mounting kit for LR2D4*** or LR3D4*** overload relays?

Overload relay separate mounting kit

Product Line:
IEC Contactors and overload relays

Tesys LRD overload relays

Separate mount kits are not available for these overload relays. However, special assembled units for Class 10 single phase sensitive separate mount applications are available from the factory but are not UL or CSA Listed. The following part numbers are available and provided with overload relay, terminal block and 6 connector pads.

80 to 104 amps = LRD33656
95 to 120 amps = LRD33676
110 to 140 amps = LRD33696

NOTE: LR2D4*** and LR3D4*** are discontinued. See new offer for LRD, LR3D

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