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What is the standard sound level (in dB) of Transformers of various kVA ratings?

Published date: 09 May 2018

Sound level can be a factor when specifying Transformers

Product Line:
LV Transformers

Applies to Low Voltage Transformers by SquareD/Schneider Electric

Transformers of different kVA sizes can generate varying levels of sound when energized

Square D/Schneider Electric Transformers are built to standard sound levels listed in NEMA Standard ST-20.  The transformers and corresponding sound levels per NEMA ST-20 are as follows . These can also be found in the Digest :

         kVA <> NEMA standard sound level
         0 - 9 <> 40dB
     10 - 50 <> 45dB
   51 - 150 <> 50dB
 151 - 300 <> 55dB
 301 - 500 <> 60dB
 501 - 700 <> 62dB
701 - 1000 <> 64dB


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