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Can the PQ3603G, PQ4603G, PQ3606G, PQ4606G, PQ3610G, PQ4610G, PQ3620G, PQ4620G, I Line Busplugs be mounted on Vertical Riser Busway Applications?

Published date: 15 June 2020

What position will an I Line 30A-200A Busplug be in when mounted on Busway running vertically? Will it be Perpendicular, or Parallel with the Busway?

Product Line:
I Line II Busway



The I line Fuseable Busplugs, in these amperage ranges (30A-200A), will be Perpendicular to the Busway direction, see Picture below.

If Busplugs are needed to run Parallel with the Busway (In the same direction as the Busway ), a Circuit breaker Plug in Unit can be ordered in these amperage ranges.

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