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Video: Driver Download and Installation for Cable SR2USB01 (Zelio Logic)

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Download Driver for Cable SR2USB01

Product Line:
Cable SR2USB01

Zelio Smart Relays

There is a specific driver available for the Windows 7 (64bits) available for the cable SR2USB01 which so far is not integrated with Zelio Soft.
The pre condition to use the Zelio soft and the SR2USB01 cable to use on windows 7 is to have the V4.5.0 of Zelio Soft installed on the computer.

You can download and install this software from the following link:

Further the Driver for USB cable for Windows 7 can be downloaded from the following link:

This Driver Zip file also contains the information regarding installation of the USB cable driver on the PC.
Please follow the above steps and review the following video for proper installation of the driver.

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