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Video: How do I print my Unity Pro project or application?

Published date: 15 June 2020

This article explains the basic steps needed to print a Unity Pro project and includes a video tutorial for advanced print option customization.

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Unity Pro

  1. In Unity Pro Project browser, open the Documentation Folder by double clicking or right-clicking on Documentation.
  2. In Documentation window you will see all the project content that can be printed as documentation.
  3. Right click on the content which you want to include in project documentation and select the option "include heading". Alternatively to select all, right click on tree root and select the option Include All Heading. The selected object will have a red asterisk next to it.
  4. Now go to Edit menu in Unity Pro and select the option Printout Setup for more detailed options to modify the printout, its header and footer settings, project name and comments etc.
  5. Next directly go to View and select Print. It will prompt you to select printer including PDF printer if installed in your PC. Select the Printer and perform the print as you do for other documentation.
For more assistance with performing advanced print option customization in Unity Pro, please review the following video tutorial:

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