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ION 6200 Digital Output - operational details not covered in the product documentation

Published date: 02 June 2020

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Digital Outputs

As energy accumulates, the ION 6200 digital output toggles from Open to Close, or from Close to Open, instead of pulsing. This is called KY pulsing. By default, the ION6200 meter has two Pulser modules preset to send pulses every 1 kWh and every 1 kVARh to the 2 solid state relays on the meter. The settings on the front for the defaults are out1 = wH, tc 1 = 1 and out2 =VArh, tc = 1. Notice that both out1 and out2 do not show k(kilo), but all out settings are in k(kilo), and that the tc(time constant) setting is also referenced as kT in some cases.
Here are some parameter limits and operational constraints to keep in mind for the ION6200 meter:

  • Maximum Transition frequency = 20 per second
  • Minimum Period between Transition = 30ms, fixed
  • Kt Value must to set to a value greater than 0.1 for the digital output to operate correctly and accurately. This is due to bounds on the internal accuracy of the values maintained within the meter.

Note also that the digital output toggles in batches at the beginning of each second. Thus, the digital output operates in bursts potentially at the beginning of each new 1 second boundary for no more than 600ms (20 transition x 30ms) in each one-second cycle. Calculations can be made to show that this implies that accuracy of measurements derived from this meter's pulsing capability must be averaged over at least a 15 minute period in order for them to reliably fall within the 0.5 accuracy class of this meter. This is not a reflection of the accuracy of the meter's measurement capability so much as a consequence of the specific way that this meter outputs measurement data via its digital outputs.

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