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What replacement enclosures are available for the 8903 Type L and LX lighting contactors?

Published date: 21 August 2019

Enclosures for Class 8903 Type L and LX lighting contactor.

Product Line:
8903 NEMA Lighting Contactors

US Product Lines

Options include the following,
NEMA 1 - Surface Mount Enclosure:  9991LXG1
NEMA 3R - Enclosure:  9991SDH1
NEMA 4  - Standard Enclosure:  9991SDW1
NEMA 4  - With 2 Cover Mtd. Closing Plates:  9991SDW11
NEMA 4X - Glass Polyester Enclosure:  9991SDW20
NEMA 12 - Enclosure:  9991SDA11

NEMA 1 Flush Mount Parts: 
           Cover:  9991SDF13
           Mounting Strap:  9991SDF2
           Pull Box:   9991SDF1

Oversized enclosures (where cover mounted controls are needed):
NEMA 1:  9991SDG3
NEMA 4:  9991SDW3
NEMA 12:  9991SDA3

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