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Video: How to connect the TeSys T to Somove over Modbus Serial?

How do you connect the LTMR to SoMove over modbus serial?

Product Line:
TeSys T Motor Management Controller

North American Products

​Would like to communicate to the device over SoMove


1) First connect the cable (TCSMCNAM3M002P) to the USB port on your laptop, and the HMI port on the left hand HMI port of your LTMR (or if your LTMR is connected to an LTMEV, then connect to the HMI port on the left hand side of the LTMEV).

2) Once this is done go into your computers start menu and then search for "device manager". In device manager you can go down to your ports and identify which com port your modbus serial cable is connected to. Will read as "TSX C USB 485 (COM*)" *this will be your port identifier

3) From here open SoMove and click on "edit connection" on the left hand side of the screen.

4) In the "edit connection" pop up window make sure you have selected the first box for "modbus serial" and then click on the gear on the right hand side to modify your settings.

5) Set your com port to match the com port you are connected to (in the video example we use COM4). And click "apply" followed by "OK".

6) Now you can click the "Scan Network" button in the bottom left hand corner, once the scan is complete you should be able to click on your TeSysT in the window and then "Connect".

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