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Are the ATV320 drives backward compatibility with ATV32 on Profibus?

Published date: 14 May 2020

 ATV320 and ATV32 Backward compatibility on Profibus
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Profibus compatibility
Concerning the Profibus functions and programming, yes this will be the same between the ATV32 and ATV320 B or C.
The point will be in case of ATV32 replacement by ATV320 without changing the GSD file PLC programming: the PLC will not see the 320 drive.
ATV32 has it's own GSD file and ATV320 also has it's own GSD file. When you will replace ATV32 by ATV320, you need to add this ATV320 GSD file in the PLC to have ATV320 operating.
After this update of PLC with the ATV320 GSD file, the configuration and functions available on ATV320 will be the same as ATV32.

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