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How to resolve a stop checkback fault on the TeSys T

Published date: 16 September 2019

Why does the TeSys T have a stop checkback fault any time an attempt is made to run the motor? 

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Tesys T Motor Management Systems

Tesys T products

Programming and Troubleshooting
The stop checkback fault occurs when the motor starts to run without the TeSys T issuing a run command.
This most frequently occurs when the TeSys T is set to independent operating mode but the local operators are wired directly to the contactor, instead of the LTMR block. 
If this is causing the issue it can be resolved by changing your operating mode from 2 or 3 wire independent mode over to 2 or 3 wire overload mode. 
If the local controls are wired to your TeSys T block you may need to look at what else could be starting your motor. 

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