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Video: How does the PKSB1LA Service Barrier install into the Low Amperage, QO and Homeline, QOM1 Main Breaker Frame Size Single phase load centers?

Published date: 10 September 2019

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Product Line:
QO and Homeline Load Centers

Service Barrier


The PKSB1LA Service Barrier is used ONLY with the QO and Homeline, single phase load centers, Series S0_ , with a QOM1 Frame Size Main Circuit Breaker. 
The Kit will contain 1- Right side Service Barrier and 1- Left side Service Barrier

The attached video is ONLY to supplement the INSTRUCTIONS that come with the kit. PLEASE make sure to read the instructions and all the below Safety Information that is located in the instructions BEFORE working on any electrical equipment.
A PDF copy of the complete instructions is attached below the video.

Make sure to turn OFF ALL Power supplying the equipment and verify the power is OFF using a properly rated voltage sensing device, BEFORE working on or with electrical equipment. 
1) Once all Safety steps are followed, begin the kit installation by following the instructions.
2) After the service entrance wires have been properly installed, press the left side barrier onto the line wire and main base phase, simultaneously, until the barrier is fully seated. SEE FIGURE 1 of the instructions.
3) REPEAT STEP 2 above for the right side barrier. SEE FIGURE 1 of the instructions. 
NOTE: The service barriers do not allow the load center to be serviced while energized. ALWAYS turn OFF all power to the load center before working on the load center.

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