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Where can I find information on the motor control types for the ATV320 drives?

Published date: 15 June 2020

Motor control types information for the ATV320 drives

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Motor control types

The motor control type (Ctt) parameter is located in the DRC menu: DRI- > CONF > FULL > DRC
Details can be found on page 105 of the ATV320 Programming Manual NVE41295:

Note: The Programming Manual lists some suggested application types for certain Motor Control Types. These are general suggestions. The Motor Control Type may need to be adjusted for your particular application
          For example: V/F Quad is listed for pump and fan applions. This means that V/F Quad generally works well with pump and fan applications, BUT it may not necessarily work well with your particular pump or fan. You'll need to 
                                determine which Motor Control Type works best with YOUR motor. 

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