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TeSys T Long Start Fault

Published date: 16 September 2019

Why is the TeSys T showing a long start fault when trying to run the motor? 

Product Line:
TeSys T Motor Management Controller

Products sold in the North American Market

Installation / Troubleshooting

The TeSys T comes with Long Start Fault set as a default to trip after 10 seconds if the FLA of the motor has not come down to less than 100% of the FLC1 setting. 
If experiencing nuissance tripping, first check that FLC1 is set to match the nameplate motor full load current. 
If the FLC1 setting is set correctly it could be that you need longer to come down below FLA, first try setting long start to 15 seconds, if this does not work you can try 20 seconds. Once you reach a time that does not experience nuissance tripping you can start dialing back down the time until you experience nuissance tripping again to make the setting more precise. 
If you do not need long start protection you can also disable this fault. 

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