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Video: How to manually charge the closing spring of a Masterpact NW Circuit Breaker

Published date: 08 June 2020

Performing a manual charge of the closing spring within Masterpact NW circuit breakers.

Product Line:
Circuit Breakers

Applies to Masterpact NW

Note that this equipment must only be installed and serviced by qualified electrical personnel.
Before proceeding, apply appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) and follow safe electrical work practices. See NFPA 70E or CSA Z462.  
To manually charge the closing spring of a Masterpact NW circuit breaker, watch the video below, following these steps.
  • Verify the breaker is in the Connected, Test, or Disconnected position.
  • Verify the status indicators on the front of the breaker show "Open" and "not OK" (there is a line through the word OK).
  • Pump the charging handle up and down several times to charge the closing spring.
  • When the spring is fully charged, the status indicators will change to "Open" and "charged OK".
    • If the status indicator  shows "charged not OK", then there is something that will prevent the breaker from being closed, such as an energized shunt trip, de-energized under voltage trip, mechanical interlock, etc. Contact Schneider Electric Customer Care with any questions.

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