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How to change a PM5500 series meter to Master mode?

Published date: 04 June 2020

How to change a PM5500 series meter to Master mode?
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ION Setup
What are the different ways to configure the PM5500 serial communications from slave to gateway/ master mode?
Setting up serial communication using the display:
  • Navigate to Maint > Setup
  • Enter the setup password (default is ’0’), then press OK
  • Navigate to Comm > Serial
  • Move the cursor to point to the ‘Mode’ parameter to modify, press Edit, press ‘+’ to change to Gateway, then press OK
  • Press the up arrow to exit. Press Yes to save your changes

Configuring serial settings using the webpages:
  • Login to the meter webpages using Product Master or Web Master credentials
  • Click Settings > Serial Settings
  • Modify the Mode setting by changing the value from ‘Slave’ to ‘Gateway’
  • Click Save changes

Configuring serial setting using ION Setup 3.0
  • Connect to the meter in ION Setup
  • In Setup Screens click on PM5500 series meter
  • Navigate to RS-485 Comm Setup folder > Advanced Serial Settings
  • Click Modbus Mode to highlight. Click Edit…
  • In the dropdown menu for Select Modbus Mode select ‘Master Mode’. Click OK.
  • Click Send to apply changes

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