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PowerLogic EM4800 Configuration Tool download

Published date: 04 June 2020

Product Line
EM4800 series meter
E4800 series meter
EM4000 series meter

Configuration tool

Latest version as of 03/05/2019
Attached is the EM4800 Configuration Tool or can be downloaded from the Schneider Electric website here. Uninstall any prior version before installing v1.70.
The EM4800 Configuration tool is usable with the EM4800, E4800, and EM4000 series meter.
The latest version adds support for the newer EM40xxxx model numbers.

Attached are the previous versions of the EM4800 Configuration Tool if needed:
EM4800 Configuration Tool v1.61
EM4800 Configuration Tool v1.40

Refer to FA212611 for the username and password for the EM4800 Configuration Tool.

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