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Can I connect an external Load Current Transformer to the Tesys T LTMR product?

Published date: 16 September 2019

Full Load Current rating of the motor being used exceeds the rating of the LTMR.  Customer would like to connect an external load current transformer to the Tesys T to compensate.

Product line:
Tesys-T LTMR

LTMR08*** series.

Full Load Current of the motor being used is between 100 and 810 amps.  The built-in CT of the LTMR can measure up to 100 amps.

An external CT can be used with the Tesys T series.  

The controller can accept 5 A and 1 A secondary signals from external current transformers. The
recommended controller model for these currents is the 0.4-8 A model. Use multiple passes through the
controller CT windows, if required.
External CTs are specified with a transformation ratio. The ratio of the external CT is the ratio of the motor
input current to the CT output current.
To enable the controller to adjust the FLC range and display the actual line current, set the following
 Load CT Primary (the first number of the CT ratio)
 Load CT Secondary (the second number of the CT ratio)
 Load CT Multiple Passes (the number of times the CT output wires pass through the controller’s internal
CT windows.) 

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