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What does the fault Current Phase Imbalance (Warning code 7) indicate on an LTMR Tesys T product?

Published date: 16 September 2019

Customer is receiving a Current Phase Imbalance fault (Warning code 7)

Product line:
LTMR Tesys-T series

All Tesys T models.

Phase to Phase current draw through the Tesys T is unbalanced.

Phase to phase current draw through the Tesys T is unbalanced. This could be due to one of several causes.   If the phase to phase voltage is not balanced, the phase to phase current will be unbalanced also.   This could also be due to incorrect or poor wiring connections or due to unbalanced current draw by the motor itself.  

Please see the attached file for details from the Tesys T / LTMR User manual.

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