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Can I upgrade my version of Unity Pro but remain equal to existing PLCs?

Published date: 11 June 2020

Looking to upgrade to a newer version of Unity Pro without impacting the programming of existing PLCs.

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Unity Pro, Control Expert

Outlined below is a way for you to simply upgrade your platforms between versions 7.x to Control Expert 14.1 without impacting either the PLCs or the projects themselves (they will remain at the older libset). There are other options that are more intrusive.

Step #1 is to open each project using current/older version and performing a File -> Save Archive. The projects must have been built or you will not be able to save as STA. Typically these are the projects that you can open with the installed version and connect as equal to the PLCs. 

Step #2 is to test these projects with the target version. You must have a PC that already has the target version installed, open each of your Step #1 STA files and perform a Build -> Rebuild All Project. If this builds successfully with the target version, this is a good indicator that you will have no issue online editing to the PLCs with the current/older projects. Once all are tested you can upgrade all desired installs of Unity Pro/CE.

Step #3 Open the STA file created in Step #1 using the new version and Save. This will save the project with the older libset but encapsulated in a newer STU file. 

Step #4 Connect to the CPU whose file you opened in Step #3 and you will be online and equal. From this point forward, you can perform online build changes to this PLC with the older generated project using your new version of Unity/CE.


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