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A world-class children's hospital

For Nelson Roque, Director of Facilities and Operations at Nemours Children’s Hospital, the key challenge is providing clean, resilient and consistent energy that helps deliver life-saving treatments to children in need.

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The Challenge

  • Build a world-class, state-of-the-art hospital that is innovative, resilient, and safe for its patients.
  • Provide consistent, clean, resilient energy to sensitive hospital equipment in an area notorious for severe weather and power outages.
  • Allow facility operations staff to work behind the scenes, providing vital upkeep and maintenance, so children receive the best care in a safe, welcoming environment.

The Solution

Safety and resilience with EcoStruxure™

Edge control: EcoStruxure Power Monitoring Expert
Connected products: UPS, Switchgear, and EcoStruxure Asset Advisor

  • A 3-tiered power management system that provides redundancy, resilience, and safety.
  • Real-time monitoring to identify potential issues before they impact operations.
  • Immediate battery backup for critical hospital assets.

The Results

  • Clean and resilient power for full facility uptime.
  • Automated JCAHO and AHCA reporting to ensure the hospital maintains its accreditation.
  • LEED Gold-certified facility.
Nemours Children's Hospital Plant operation

Nelson Roque, Director of Facilities and Operations, Nemours Children’s Hospital

Customer Testimonial
“I feel that Schneider Electric comes to us as a partner, as part of the team. It’s no different than the confidence that you expect to have in your doctors and nurses taking care of your children.”
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