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Rugged. Time-tested. Dependable.

Get reliable power protection from the brand you trust with QED series switchboards

QED Switchboard

Standard or Custom-made

Standard or custom engineered equipment options, built to UL 891 ratings.
QED Switchboard

Easy to Install & Maintain

Small footprints with fixed-mount and/or drawout power circuit breaker options.

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Get expedited delivery on standard QED 2 switchboards with RapidSource.

QED Switchboards

Quickly Engineered, Efficient Design, Delivered Fast

Available in both standard and custom versions, Square D™ QED low voltage switchboards are built to last—featuring design innovations and performance that make these products easier to install and maintain.

With sturdy frames, small footprints, and state-of-the-art circuit protection, QED (Quick, Efficient, Delivery) switchboards feature advanced metering and future-ready Masterpact™ MTZ and Powerpact™ circuit breakers that makes them ready to fit into any EcoStruxure™ Power application.

Trusted, Durable Construction

Square D switchboards are designed with the highest standards of quality. QED flexible design and build features include:

  • Indoor or Outdoor NEMA enclosures
  • Maximum design voltage: 600 Vac
  • Front accessibility
  • Quick connect bus design
  • I-Line plug-on connections

Ready for Your Next Project

> QED 2 Switchboards
Standard designs feature popular options and offer lead times as short as 4 weeks.
> QED 6 Switchboards
For critical power applications and reliable electrical distribution for the entire facility.


Special Switchboards

> Speed-D Switchboards
For service entrance applications rated 400-800A, designed for the EUSERC market.

Get it Faster

RapidSource™ expedited delivery for standard QED 2 switchboards
Meet tight project schedules and budgets. Our standard QED 2 switchboard features designs for the most frequently requested ratings and options, providing immediate pricing for quick shipments in as short as 4 weeks.
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QED 2 Switchboards: Versatility & Performance

Group-mounted switchboards with molded case circuit breakers

Standard or custom QED 2 switchboards feature Schneider Electric's unique I-Line® plug-on connections in group-mounted construction.

A screwdriver is the only tool required to firmly ratchet the line end of a molded-case circuit breaker directly onto the I-Line bus assembly. This plug-on design allows for quick installation and mounting flexibility of circuit breakers up to 1200A.

For circuit breakers over 1200A, QED 2 (and QED 6) allows fixed-mount and drawout power circuit breaker options.

Key features include:

  • Small footprint
  • Front accessibility
  • Energy reduction maintenance setting (ERMS)
  • Quick connect bus design
  • State-of-the-art circuit protection
  • I-Line plug-on connections

Innovation That Sets the Standard

QED 2 switchboards set the standard for reliability through continuous innovation, and meet a wide range of requirements and specifications. This includes integrating power metering and communications capabilities that provide direct access to energy management at main and feeder level.

More QED 2 product features

Standard QED 2 Switchboards

Our high quality, pre-engineered solutions provide shorter lead times and reliable, on-time delivery of equipment when and where you need it.

Standard designs feature the most frequently requested ratings and options, and offer optimized lead times as short as 4 weeks.

Meet tight project schedules and budgets using RapidSource™ expedited delivery to save time and money on your next project.

Get it Faster!
With expedited delivery using RapidSource.

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Keep projects on track with standard QED 2 switchboards

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Save Time

Shorter equipment lead times. Most options ship in 4 weeks.

Speed Construction

Expedited delivery schedules so projects move quicker.
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Faster Quotes and Easy Ordering

With online product configuration tools.

Reduce Project Downtime

On demand factory-approved drawings allow earlier starts on installation.

Custom QED 2 Switchboards

Build a QED 2 switchboard to your specifications with custom engineering for each line-up including: main-tie-mains, automatic transfers, commercial multi-metering, and reduced height configurations.

We offer a robust solution through 5,000 A and 200 kA. Higher feeder ampacities are available with individually mounted branch devices up to 4,000 A.


QED 6 Switchboards: Reliable & Rugged

Rear-connected switchboards with individually mounted (drawout) circuit breakers

Power-Style™ QED 6 rear-connected switchboards are designed to provide superior functionality and reliable electrical distribution, protection, and power quality management for the entire facility.

The main switchboard components are individually mounted Masterpact MTZ, PowerPact H, and PowerPact J circuit breakers. QED 6 switchboards maximize the functionality of these circuit breakers to deliver maximum up-time, system selectivity, and circuit protection—all in a fully withdrawable construction.

Key features include:

  • Remote racking option
  • Front accessible wireways
  • Energy reduction maintenance setting (ERMS)
  • Quick connect bus design
  • State-of-the-art circuit protection
  • High-density mains (1/2 section)

Customizable Footprint

QED 6 switchboards are designed with a small footprint for quick installation. But if you want more working room, such as large cable compartments, we offer larger footprints.

More QED 6 product features

Reliable QED 6 switchboards are built for maximum up-time

Go Larger for More Space

Large compartments provide ample pull area, allowing max room for power cables (located in rear).

Remote Racking Option

Rack circuit breakers remotely from outside of the arc flash zone. Available on all switchboards and switchgear with drawout power circuit breakers.

Premium Bus Material

Bolted silver-plated copper bus provided as standard (up to 6000 A maximum).

Special Low Voltage Switchboards

Speed-D™ Switchboards

For service entrance applications rated 400-800 A
  Speed-D switchboards provide a compact design for applications requiring either circuit breaker or fusible disconnects with multiple mains. Speed-D also meets EUSERC requirements by combining a EUSERC utility CT compartment, a single main circuit breaker or main fusible disconnect, and an I-Line (up to 480 V) or NQ (up to 240 V) distribution panelboard, Speed-D switchboards are perfect for strip malls, multi-family homes, and other applications where multiple service disconnects are required.
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QED Switchboard

EcoStruxure™ Power

Connected products for innovation at every level
EcoStruxure Power offers advanced power system communication at every level of your operation. Connected products such as QED 2 and QED 6 switchboards with Masterpact MTZ circuit breakers are a key component of EcoStruxure Power, providing real-time operations data, smart analytics, and improved safety and security to your facility and processes.
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