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SurgeArrest Essential

Basic protection against power surges
Entry-level surge protection offering the best value surge protection for your devices. Typical applications include entry-level PCs, routers, modems, home network, cable boxes, and streaming media players.

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SurgeArrest Essential

Basic Protection Against Power Surges for Computers and Electronics

SurgeArrest Home / Office

Professional-grade electrical surge protection
Premium level of surge protection in the event of large electrical surges. Typical applications include professional PCs, televisions, gaming consoles, and printers.

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SurgeArrest Home/Office

Professional-grade Electrical Surge Protection for Computers and Electronics

SurgeArrest Performance

Maximum power surge protection
Highest level of surge protection with the highest joule rating and the largest number of outlets. Typical applications include professional PCs, refrigerators, washing machines, televisions, sound systems, and high-end electronics.

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SurgeArrest Performance

Maximum Power Surge Protection for Computers, Notebooks and Other Electronics

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