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Digital Grid Services

Digital Grid Services provide solutions and services to help power the Digital Transformation and Grid Modernization through:

• Lowering total cost of ownership
• Simplifying complex integration workflows
• Synergy for IT/OT transformation
• Leveraging spatial analysis
• Delivering operational awareness


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Improved network reliability and efficiency

Improve your network reliability and operational efficiency.
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Better asset utilization

Get the most value from assets, align to industry standards with real-world modeling, analytics and access.

Greater operational awareness and safety

Access the right information at the right time to protect your utility workforce and community.
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Integrated workflows

Simplify complex integration workflows.

Digital Grid Top Practices

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Operations Efficiency

Simplify and integrate workflows for improved grid operations. Enhance distribution grid hosting capability, optimization and grid edge stability. Get DER co-optimized for grid constraints and market / economic opportunities, and utilize analytics for customer services and improved asset utilization.

Workforce Empowerment

Get instant and intuitive access to data across the entire workforce wherever they are. Enable information to flow seamlessly across the enterprise to get the most value from utility assets.

Asset Management

Access insights and capabilities to modernize how utilities manage assets. Mitigate asset risk failure with continuous monitoring. Monitor high-risk issues with predictive analytics. Fine-tune asset decision-making process with insights from key analytics.
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Compliance and Safety

Enable utilities to protect their workforce and community through:
Regulatory compliance - Reduce lost time injuries, improve OSHA reporting, and lower vehicle accidents. Help develop risk assessments and improve auditing.
Hazard awareness - Use real-time reporting and hot-spot analysis to prevent workplace accidents. Enhance field awareness to improve storm response.
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Resource and Sustainability

Manage energy, sustainability, and efficiency data across your enterprise. With predictive asset analytics, maintenance and decision-support solutions personnel can make smarter business decisions while reducing maintenance costs.


Strengthen cybersecurity from the sensor level to the application level through a risk mitigation approach including your people, processes, and organization.

Smart Grid Software and Services

Digital guide: Digital grid unleashed

Utilities must adapt smart grids to thrive in a decarbonized, digitized and decentralized electric world. Read this report to see how this will change the way we think about energy and how innovations, such as EcoStruxure Grid, can provide a solution.
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Digital Grid Resources

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