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    EcoStruxure™ Resource Advisor

    Aggregate all cross-enterprise, energy and sustainability information in a single, cloud-based platform. Transform your data into actionable insights that will lead to real business operations.

Energy management software that actually helps the bottom line

One business can generate millions of energy and sustainability data points… in just a few years. Imagine all that complexity spread out across disparate systems and locations being used by separate teams who can’t share data and information easily with each other. Top-performing organizations have found the solution. They are aggregating multiple types of data from every facility in a single platform to see enterprise KPIs and identify outliers/opportunities with cloud-based software that will scale with their business.

We empower your data to work for you

Start making decisions on validated, tested data from cloud-based sustainability and energy management software. Use a platform that collects, aggregates and integrates information from all over your business.

Your energy and sustainability strategy in action

Resource insight
Analyze data from more than 400 streams across your enterprise and capture resource data on supply, demand, and sustainability in one location.

Actionable reporting
Identify key facts clearly, concisely, and with confidence that empowers decision-making and inspires action on plans and projects.

Solution scalability
Our energy management software is not only completely configurable to your organization’s needs today, it is designed to evolve with your critical challenges tomorrow, wherever they are around the globe.

System interoperability
Add a solution to complement, not replace, your existing infrastructure and energy management systems.

Stakeholder engagement
Resource Advisor provides you with a user community to help you enhance collaboration on resource initiatives and energy efficiency projects across your portfolio.

Peace-of-mind security
Log in to your account with confidence anytime, anywhere. Resource Advisor enables easy access to projects, reports, summaries, and more without compromising security protocols.

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"Resource Advisor has simplified routine data analysis and reporting, has enabled us to manage by exception, and gives increased visibility driving accountability throughout the enterprise."

Travis Anderton, Global Director, Sustainability and Property Protection, BD

Each customer supported by our global team of experts

> 30 years of expertise
> 1,200+ energy and sustainability strategy experts
> 40 offices dedicated to energy consulting and sustainability services

> 95% customer retention rate
> 350,000+ client facilities serviced in 150+ countries
> 8M+ invoices processed annually

Achieve centralized visibility and reporting to maximize efforts

Sustainability and energy management software in the cloud puts more than 400 data streams at your fingertips. All data will have clear context within your role and responsibilities so you can discover hidden opportunities and act faster.

Achieve more energy and sustainability success

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