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    Energy & Sustainability

    Increased public scrutiny of energy consumption has pushed sustainability to the top of corporate priorities.  We partner with our customers to help address these global challenges in corporate and sustainability management.

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Market Studies

As cloud and service providers look to expand into new geographies, they require solutions to better plan for future investment, growth and development.

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The wealth of information about energy costs, renewable energy, and sustainability initiatives can make it difficult for customers to determine which data is most important. 

Performed in specific markets around the world by our regional energy experts, Schneider Electric’s Market Studies transform data and insight into business value.


Provides insight on energy pricing and market volatility, regulatory changes and legislative updates, energy sustainability initiatives, and energy procurement options.

> Customizable scope 

> Track global energy and sustainability market dynamics

> Report regulatory and legislative changes

> Translate information and measure its impact

> Issue clear, actionable recommendations

Global Renewables & Cleantech Services

The growing availability of cleantech projects and products around the globe allow corporations to buy renewable energy at competitive prices, enabled by leading-edge solutions.

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Schneider Electric’s Renewable and Cleantech Services help customers evaluate and procure renewable energy.

We act as a trusted advisor through all phases of the process: Analysis of renewables energy opportunities, review of the financial feasibility of renewable options, and negotiation of renewable energy projects.


We help customers capitalize on emerging renewable markets by addressing feasibility, cost and corporate messaging objectives.

> Reduce customers’ carbon footprint
> Provide a more secure energy supply
> Leverage government incentives available

EcoStruxure Resource Advisor

With an overwhelming amount of data available, clients are turning to enterprise energy and sustainability software solutions to find actionable insights with tailored business intelligence.

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EcoStruxure Resource Advisor is an award-winning, cloud-based reporting platform that gives you access to all critical energy and sustainability data.

Whether you are looking to more closely track monthly invoice data or better analyze meter Data, EcoStruxure Resource Advisor is the solution that can bring it all together.


EcoStruxure Resource Advisor aggregates data into a centralized platform that is accessible anywhere, at anytime.

> Remotely track and analyze enterprise and facility data

> Manage and track utility bills and energy budgets

> Discover and prioritize building optimization projects

> Monitor and measure efficiency projects

> Add data granularity as needed

> Foster collaboration with a single data set

Commodity Risk Management

Cloud and Service Providers are keenly aware of the risks that energy markets and programs bring to their companies. Address this by identifying, assessing, prioritizing and mitigating energy risks.

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Our risk and client management teams take you through targeted risk profile assessments to help you better understand risk goals and tolerances and then implement efficiency and purchasing strategies.

> Enhanced Risk Management


Commodity risk management is the foundation for comprehensive and fully-optimized energy management.

> Receive commodity market updates across your organization

> Communicate with our risk managers to discuss market developments and how to respond to them

> Visualize purchasing performance, strategy, current portfolio value and risk exposure

> Know your financial goals are actively managed and easily audited

> Modify your energy portfolio in near real-time as market prices change

> Provide direct input into your strategy as your organization’s goals evolve