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HEP meter v3.0.0 firmware FAQ: user accounts and Legacy security support

Questions regarding the V3.0.0 firmware release for HEP meters

ION9000, ION9000T, PM8000, ION7400

If using Power Monitoring Expert with the v3.0.0 meter, please refer to HEP meter v3.0.0 firmware and Power Monitoring Expert considerations for more information
If using ION Setup with v3.0.0 meter, please refer to HEP meter v3.0.0 firmware and ION Setup considerations for more information.

Q: What is the minimum version of Firmware required on the meter to upgrade to v3.0.0?
A: Firmware version 2.1.0 or greater required on the meter to upgrade to v3.0.0

Q: What is the minimum version of ION Setup required to upgrade the meter?
A: Recommend v3.2.20218.01 or later versions. See Where can I download the latest version of ION Setup software? for links to the latest version

Q: What happens if I use an old version of ION Setup to upgrade my meter
A: Depending on the age of ION Setup, when selecting the .ZIP file, ION Setup will provide a warning to upgrade the version of ION Setup before starting the upgrade. However if the .upx file is sent without the zip file, ION Setup cannot check what version of ION Setup is required. After ION Setup sends the upgrade file, ION Setup will try to program the meter and send saved register information like accumulated energy. However there will be an error and ION Setup will not be able to write the values. Register information data loss will occur. The firmware will be upgraded however the meter will not have the template loaded.

Q: Can ION Setup detect a new version of software is required to upgrade the meter?
A: If using the ZIP file, ION Setup is able to read the minimum required software version, however if just using the .upx file, ION Setup cannot determine the minimum software version.

Q: Can I downgrade my meter to a previous version of firmware?
A: No, meter can not be downgraded.

Q: Can I update my meter if using ION over modbus
A: Sometimes, refer to Upgrading am ION meter via ION over Modbus with HEP meter as modbus gateway fails or more information. If using a HEP meter as a modbus gateway, the upgrade via ION over Modbus may fail. Other gateway devices like EGX may work. Note the upgrade over serial will be very slow and not recommended. Recommend upgrading meter via Ethernet connection.

Q: Is there a new template with this firmware upgrade
A: No, there is no new template with this firmware

Q: Where can I find instructions on how to upgrade the meter:
A: Go to se.com, search for the document "7EN72-0206-00"

Q: What security options exist in the meters before v3.0.0 Firmware?
A: Standard (default): Front panel password with no user information required when writing to the meter. Anonymous access can read from the meter
Advanced Security: Username and password required to read or write to the meter
No security: No username or password required to read or write to the meter

Q: What security options are available with meters running v3.0.0 Firmware?
A: Advanced Security: Same as before
Legacy security support: Interim option where requests without a user name supplied will be mapped to permissions of User1 in the meter

Q: What is the default security setting from the factory on v3.0.0 meters
A: Legacy security support is activated, User1 has full permissions and a password of 0

Q: Can I still access my meter's web pages using http?
A: If web access setup register is set to HTTP With redirect to HTTPS, connecting to the meter's web page will be automatically redirected to https

Q: What happens to Security User Modules if the meter is upgraded while standard security is active?
A: The existing modules are deleted and User1 module created.

Q: Can I still use ION over Modbus if the Modbus Map Access is set to None?
A: Yes, still possible to communicate to meter with ION over modbus

User accounts:
Q: What user do I need to use we connecting to the meter's Web page?
Ans: If Legacy Security Support (LSS) is active, meter model can still be used example 9000. If LSS is deactivated, the user will need to be a specific user on the meter like user1. Any browser that has cached user name and password in the browser will need to be updated.

Q: What user to login with when using SSH to access terminal?
A: Default is User1 provided the user has permissions to access the meter. Meter model number can only be used if Legacy Security Support is active.

Q: Can a user change permissions of the account used to connect to the meter?
A: No, I user cannot change permissions of the account connected to the meter.

Q: With v3.0 firmware, can I change the password from the front panel?
A: No, the option to change password from the front panel has been removed.

Q: What is the maximum password complexity available?
A: Refer to What are the character limitations of Advanced Meter Security passwords? for more information on password complexity

Q: With v3.0.0 firmware, can a user change the password of the account used to connect to the meter?
A: Yes the password can be updated

Q: Can I use an alphanumeric password for User1 with Legacy security support active?
A: Nothing in the meter will prevent this password however some software will not be able to talk to the meter as standard security was assumed to be numeric only and some software will enforce this limitation when entering in a password.

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