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Modicon ETB

IP 67 modular distributed I/O for Ethernet

IP67-rated I/O modules that connect to Ethernet.

  Modicon ETB
  • Характеристики

    Direct connection to Ethernet networks with models that support:

    Modbus TCP/IP
    16 Point digital modules - available types:

    16 digital Inputs
    12 Inputs/ 4 Outputs @ 2 Amps
     8 Inputs / 8 Outputs @ 2 Amps
    16 configurable digital Inputs/Outputs
    Protection level:  IP67 watertight
    Built-in 2 port switch for daisy chain connection
    Built-in web server
    Scrolling LED display
    Schneider Electric platforms:

    Modicon Quantum – NOE and NOC Ethernet interface modules
    Modicon Premium – ETY and ETC Ethernet interface modules
    Modicon M340 - NOE Ethernet interface module
    Modicon Momentum - M1E Ethernet processors


    Advantys ETB IP67 Ethernet I/Os eliminates the need for enclosures in harsh environments and helps save money - 26% for 16 points of I/O !


    Machining/ Component Assembly
    Body Assembly
    Food and Beverage
    Bottling/ Packaging/ Material Handling
    Mining, Minerals, & Metal
    Material Handling
    Pulp & Paper
    Pulping/ Paper Machine Wet End