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Unable to change parameters due to a version change of SFT2841.

The reason why you cannot change parameter settings is because you are receiving a version mismatch. The sepam device is still using a sft2841 v.9 parameter setting, but you are attempting to connect with the new sft v10 software.

In other words, this issue can arise if the Sepam relay was originally programmed using an older version of SFT2841 compared to the version that you are presently using.

In order to fix this issue:

1) Connect cable of Front face Sepam w/ PC
2) Load SFT2841 v10 and connect to front face
3) Click on sepam -> unload (sepam ->pc)
3) Save this file (File will be saved in new v10 format)
4) Click on sepam -> load (pc->sepam)

The file will be loaded back into the sepam device. Now you can change parameter settings without any difficulty.

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