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Quick charging

Elektrinių automobilių pakrovimo infrastruktūra

Electric vehicle quick charging infrastructure

Quick charging
  • Ypatybės

    The development of electric vehicles has created new needs that service stations could legitimately satisfy by expanding their installations.
    Users may sometimes have to quick-charge their batteries in order to be on their way. With quick charging, the battery is charged to 80 % capacity in less than 15 minutes. This short period is perfect for a short break in the service station shop or a snack.

    Technical characteristics

    • Charging mode mode 4 as per IEC 61851.
    • Charging outlet
      AC outlet: in compliance with standard IEC 61309-2, management of DC quick-charging as per the CHAdeMO standard
      Direct current outlet: Type Yazaki 125 A.
    • Environmental operating conditions: minimum temperature: -30°C, maximum temperature: 50°C.


    Electric vehicle quick charging infrastructure by Schneider Electric

    Recharging one's battery to 80% capacity in less than 15 minutes is possible with Schneider Electric’s quick charging solution which fits just as easily into a service station as into a vehicle fleet car park, and is suitable for any type of electric vehicle.

    This solution provides:
    For the user

    • A simple, efficient means to be on your way with full power very quickly in case of need.
    • Intuitive, easy-to-use terminal.
    • Total safety for both the user and the vehicle.
    • Possibility to locate charging stations and know their availability.

    For the operator

    • Tailored integration into the existing infrastructure (civil engineering) and the operating system (payment, supervision, safety, etc.)
    • Advanced services to obtain optimum management, maintenance and yield from the installation.
    • An optimised energy bill thanks to energy management services.


    Thanks to our offer, electric vehicle owners are able to easily and safely charge their vehicles, without any risk of exceeding their supply contract and in the most ecological manner.

    > Our solution includes energy management services (load shedding, "demand-response", carbon footprint, etc.).

    Installation architecture of an electric vehicle quick charging infrastructure

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