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TwinBus System accessories

Tobula ir saugu!

Perfected and safe!

TwinBus System accessories
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    The TwinBus principle:

    You can plan and install the TwinBus technology easy and error-free. Therefore you need no previous knowledge or extra training. Because of the bus line protection against polarity reversal, a wrong assembly is practically impossible.

    The TwinBus system is absolute future-proofed. The flexible Bus-technology also allows an easy upgrade of the installation with extra functions or participants afterwards.
    For 30 participants you need only one bus line with two wires from the power supply to all intercom units. Thereby you have intercom privacy protection and caletone differentiation for the installation of an apartment

    Easy combination
    The complete bus system accomodates a wide programm of innovative products.
    Therefore we realised the construction kit principle: All construction components can be easily fit to user-orientated communication systems. Because of that, you can realise individuel customer wishes.


    Anytime upgradable
    The variable TwinBus system is prepared for the future. The flexible bustechnology ensures an easy upgrade of the system with new functions or participants. For the rising demands of your customers in safety and comfort, you will find with our TwinBus always the best solution.

    TwinBus function units power supply

    • TwinBus power supply unit to supply TwinBus systems with 3 bus lines for a maximum of 30 subscribers per line
    • Main transformer to supply power to indoor video stations and cameras
    • TwinBus power supply unit video to central power supply of TwinBus indoor video station and handsfree video intercom respectively Acero camera module
    • TwinBus switching device to control of electrically operated devices
    • TwinBus door selector switch to control several door stations from a single system

    Additional equipment

    TwinBus video line distributor
    Active distributor to distribute the video signal to several main lines

    Camera selector switch
    2-6 cameras controlled from a single TwinBus system

    Flush mounting video distributor
    Active distributor to distribute the video signal

    Bus connector
    For through-connecting system bus devices with mounting rails lying upon each other


    TwinBus function units power supply

    • Easy to install
    • Highly reliable
    • For easy start-up and inspections of the system
    • With customised solutions for longer line lengths


    • Power supplies and additional equipment adjusted to work perfectly with one another.
    • Technically advanced and very easy to service.
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