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Square D QO™ Breakers

Engineered directly in response to customer feedback, these new Arc Fault (AF) and Arc Fault Ground Fault (AFGF) dual function circuit breakers are designed with today’s contractor’s needs in mind. The fastest just got faster!
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  • Backed-out terminal screws speed up wiring process
  • Side-by-side lug arrangement allows for faster installation
  • Plug-on neutral connection eliminates the number of connections required


  • LED simplifies troubleshooting by enabling remote diagnostics
  • Optimized footprint provides 15% more gutter space to simplify wiring
  • IP2X lug terminals enhance safety by lowering energized part contact risk


  • Advanced Arc-D-Tect™ platform mitigates unplanned tripping
  • UL943 compliant without exceptions
  • Time Saving Diagnostics LED provides backup means for fault type identification

Square D Plug-On Neutral Circuit Breakers

Designed for reliability, Arc Fault and Arc Fault Ground Fault (DF) QO and Homeline Plug-on Neutral circuit breakers connect directly to the neutral bar, providing a time and labor-saving installation.

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Square D Load Centers

If being the leader in the electrical business has taught us one thing, it’s that you need products to help you save time and work smarter. That’s why we constantly innovate and simplify to make your job easier.

Install up to 37% Faster With Square D QO™ and Homeline™ Load Centers

Less knockout time. No pigtail terminations.
Watch this 2-minute video to see how you can work up to 37% faster with Square D™ Load Centers.

We've Got Proof

Square D™ Load Centers Install up to 37% Faster
When we added Qwik-Grip and Plug-On Neutral to our Square D QO and Homeline Load Centers, we knew we were making the fastest load centers even faster. To prove this, we partnered with a third-party time and motion expert to conduct an in-depth study comparing Square D load centers to others in the industry. Find out how you can use Square D Load Centers and install up to 37% faster. It could change the way you bid your business.
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Contractor holding pigtails and circuit breaker in front of Plug-on Neutral load center

A behind the counter look at why Square D Load Centers are simply smarter

Square D™ Homeline™ Load Centers Plug-on Neutral CAFI & Dual Function Circuit Breakers

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Square D™ Homeline™ Solar-ready Combination Service Entrance Devices

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