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How is a potentiometer connected for speed reference to an ATV212?

Published date: 12 September 2019

Connecting a potentiometer for speed reference on a ATV212.

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Need to know how to wire a speed pot to the drive and how to program the drive to look at the potentiometer for a speed reference.

The 3 terminals on the potentiometer connect to terminals PP, CC, and VIA (or VIB).
The middle terminal on the pot is called the wiper and it is wired to the analog input (VIA or VIB).
The other 2 terminals get connected to CC (the negative or common of the 10VDC power supply) and PP (the positive; +10 VDC power supply).
You can verify the potentiometer is wired correctly by measuring DC Volts between the Wiper and the terminal connected to CC.  With the pot turned all the way down (fully counter clockwise) you should read 0VDC.  With it turned all the way up (fully clockwise) you should read 10VDC.  If you don't get the proper voltage measurements then swap the 2 outside terminal connections and test again.

Check the DIP Switches in the bottom right corner of the control board (directly above the VIB and CC terminals.
If the wiper is wired to VIA, you must be sure the VIA DIP Switch (top switch) is set to the left or U position.  If wired to VIB the bottom switch must be in the left or U position.

FnOd is the Frequency Mode Select parameter in the drive programming.  If using VIA then FnOd must be set to 1.  If using VIB then FnOd must be set to 2.


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