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Where is the 0-10vdc analog input speed reference wired on the ATV71 / ATV61 drives?

Published date: 20 June 2020

ATV61/ATV71 speed reference wired installation with 0-10Vdc analog input.

Product Line:
ATV71  ATV61 

Wiring 0-10vdc input

Typically, 0-10vdc analog input reference is connected between AI1 (+) and com.

Please note there is a jumper between AI1- and com. Leave this jumper in place. If the jumper were removed, AI1 would become a bipolar (-10 to +10V) input.

Menu 1.5, AI1 configuration, choose 0 min and 10vdc max.
AI2 can also be configured for a voltage reference in the I/O menu (1.5).  Under AI2 configuration, select assignment " voltage type" , minimum and maximum values 0 to 10vdc..

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