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How can I tell if my ATV61 or ATV71 drive is in sleep mode? (Low speed timeout active).

Published date: 24 June 2020

Identify an ATV61 or ATV71 drive in sleep mode

Product Line:
ATV61 / ATV71 series drives.

All models, All serial numbers

Information not available in current literature.

A relay or logic output can not be configured to show this status.  In order to determine if the drive is in sleep mode, you will need to have a serial communication network connected to the drive.  Perform a read of parameter LRS3 (Logic address 3252 , 16#0CB4).  Bit 9 of this word will indicate whether the drive is asleep or awake.  If bit 9 is high, the drive is in sleep mode.  If low, the drive is in normal operation mode.

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