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What are possible causes for INF7 fault on ATV61 and ATV71 series drives?

Published date: 16 June 2020

INF7 possible causes on ATV61 and ATV71 series drives.

Product Line:
ATV61 / ATV71

All models, All serial numbers.

Information not available in current literature.

INF7 is an initialization fault.  When the drive is first powered, it performs a Power-On Self Test, or POST.  The drive initializes itself, determines if a fault is present, identifies any option cards that are installed, and performs a self check to verify that it is operating properly and is ready to run.   If the POST fails, an INF7 code can be displayed.   This code generally indicates an internal problem with the drive which will require repair or replacement, but may also be caused if an installed option card fails.  

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