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What causes E-17 fault on an ATV21 / ATV212 series drive?

Published date: 21 April 2020

What causes E-17 fault on an ATV21 / ATV212 series drive?

Product Line:
ATV21 and ATV212 series drives

All models, All serial numbers

Clarification of fault code needed

E-17 is displayed on the ATV21 / ATV212 series drives when a button on the keypad is held down for more than 20 seconds.  
If no button is being held down, then this could be a stuck key. Attempt to free a stuck button by powering down the drive and repeatedly pressing/releasing all keypad buttons.

This could also be an electrical problem with the switch were it is making contact when it is not being pressed, or possibly a problem with the microprocessor that thinks the button is being pressed when it is not.  

As there are very few replacement parts for the ATV212 series, and none for the ATV21 series, replacement of the entire drive is often necessary to correct this problem.

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