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How do I configure my ATV212 series drive for Apogee communication?

Published date: 05 March 2020

Configuring my ATV212 series drive for Apogee communication.

Product Line:
ATV212 series drives

All models where Apogee communication is in use.

Information unclear in current literature.

Basic parameters are as follows:

F807 - Com channel choice - 0 for RJ45 port, 1 for 4 pin terminal block.
F829 - Network protocol,  Set to 3 for Apogee (1- Modbus, 2-Metasys, 4-Bacnet *5-Lonworks.  Note that an option card is necessary for Lonworks communication. All other options are built into the default control card of the drive)
F890 - Network Address (1 to 99)
F891 - Baud rate (0-9600, 1=4800, 2=9600, 3=19200, 4=76800, 5=57600, 6=76800)
F892 - Network timeout  in 10ths. of a second.  set to 100 (10.0 seconds) default.  Range = 2 to 60 seconds.

The above settings are for monitoring only.  If you wish to control via the Apogee network you must also make the following changes:
CMOD = 2 (switches start/stop control to the network.  0 = logic inputs, 1 = HMI, 2 = Serial communication).
FMOD = 4 (switches frequency reference to the network.  1 = VIA, 2 = VIB, 3 = Keypad, 4 = Serial communication, 5 = +/- speed via logic input.


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