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Modular Panelboard System

This Square D™ Modular Panelboard System bundles electrical distribution equipment into a single factory assembled and wired integrated system.

Innovative electrical packaging solutions can reduce installation time and reduce material costs.

Schneider Eletric Square D Picture
Modular Panelboard System
  • Features

    • Consists of a mix of NQOD, NF, NF Column-Width, NF PowerLink Gen 3, Single Row I-Line, Double Row I-Line & QMB panelboards.
    • Equipment Space, Lighting Contactors, and TVSS also available.
    • Significantly reduce the space traditionally required for electrical distribution equipment up to 40%.
    • The factories assembled and wired systems lower installed cost up to 20%.
    • Pre-assembled construction reduces the total installation time at the job site.
    • Distribution equipment can be configured from a broad product offering to provide customer-specific solutions and permit shorter lead times.
    • Dedicated Retail National Account Managers (NAMs) work with centralized or regional construction managers to optimize designs and assure consistent support.
    • The Global Project Management team will coordinate delivery schedules and verify that the system meets customer specifications.
    • Cutouts in the bottom endwall of each section permit conduit to be stubbed up inside the enclosure, eliminating the need to cut conduit openings.
    • Close coupling panels eliminate the need for interconnecting conduits, box connectors and shorten feeder cable runs.
    • Standard 9.5" depth presents size advantages over competitors standardizing on deeper switchboard design platforms.


    • Commercial Buildings
    • Residential Market
    • Commercial Office Buildings

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