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VideoXpert Enterprise Video Management System - The Gateway to Performance

Video management systems by nature are complex - a complexity that often overwhelms the user experience, resulting in a steep learning curve and misplaced focus.

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  • Features

    VideoXpert is different thanks to its intuitive design and easy-to-navigate presentation that effortlessly displays what's needed, when it's needed, allowing security professionals to make fast, effective decisions that drive your business forward.

    • Eliminate single points of failure and ensure reliability though fault-tolerant software, distributed architecture, and multiple levels of redundancy
    • Flexible scale with reliable modular architecture
    • Migration paths for Endura and Digital Sentry systems
    • Aggregate VMS networks and manage all video through a single system
    • Deploy as a hardware or software solution
    • Create and assign tags, organizing network resources as you see fit
    • Fully immersive, 180 degree views when used with Optera Panoramic Cameras
    • Leverage third-party solutions for simplified integrations, including:
      • Event/Alarm Management
      • Analytics
      • License Plate Recognition
      • Point of Sale
    • ONVI Profile S compliant

    Featured Components:

    • Ops Center
      • The Ops Center supports up to six, uniquely configurable monitors, each capable of displaying up to 16 video streams simultaneously.
    • Storage
      • With VSM storage, you can create pools of up to six storage servers with failover and redundant recording services. Compatible with Endura systems, VSM provides a migration path from Endura to VideoXpert.
    • Core/Media Gateway
      • The heart of VideoXpert, the Core maintains the database of cameras and recording devices, and provides a convenient Web interface from which you can configure and manage the system. Simultaneously, the Media Gateway routes video traffic to appropriate users as requested. Like Core servers, Media Gateways can be added to VideoXpert allowing you to scale your system as your installation grows.
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